Canteen mornings

How most mornings are spent here. Sunny mornings with good coffee, good food and great company. Canteen is one of our favourites for a relaxed but really good breakfast or lunch. The atmosphere is amazing, they play great music and the people are lovely.  I normally get Deal #1 with fried eggs, chilli beans and aContinue reading “Canteen mornings”

Bali Breakfast Eats: Crate Cafe

Hello hello, I’m finally back in Bali and already feel at home. The next four months are going to be amazing. But first: oh my god. I am in breakfast heaven here! I’m telling you, Crate Cafe (and all the Canggu  cafes to be fair) is freakin’ breakfast and brunch heaven. You’d love it. The breakfastContinue reading “Bali Breakfast Eats: Crate Cafe”

Milano Eats: Deus Cafe

When we were in Milan we stayed in the area called Isola and quickly discovered it was a gem of a place. Hidden away in the streets are adorable cafes and quirky bars and restaurants. One of them being Deus Cafe. We stumbled upon it on our first day and I was of course drawnContinue reading “Milano Eats: Deus Cafe”

Danish Veggie Boost

I’ve just returned home from a weekend in Aarhus, Denmark visiting my oldest sister and her two adorable little girls and whilst I was there I had to make a quick visit to Cafe Ganefryd  (not really translatable but if I had to try I’d say it’s something like “mouth rejoice”). It’s a 100% eco/organicContinue reading “Danish Veggie Boost”

Manchester Eats: Federal Cafe & Bar

If you love brunch like we do, Manchester is a city to visit. There is a multitude of cafes and restaurants to satisfy your brunch needs, (sweet and savoury!) – especially in the Northern Quarter where you can find Federal Cafe & Bar. We discovered Federal a couple years ago and have treated ourselves to brunch thereContinue reading “Manchester Eats: Federal Cafe & Bar”

The Breakfast Bowl Bonanza

It might be a little overdone by now, especially in the online world, but I couldn’t not add my personal breakfast smoothie bowl recipe to the mix. It is super easy, cheap and doesn’t involve excessive amounts of bananas or superfood ingredients that you know you should eat, but don’t know why. You will needContinue reading “The Breakfast Bowl Bonanza”