Medewi Secret Surf Camp

Hey there, I’m currently using the overcast weather here in Berawa (part of Canggu) as an excuse to stay inside for a little bit and write up this post. Don’t want to sacrifice too much of the sunny days, so today is a good one. Anyway, despite how much we love the Canggu area, we’ve been pretty set on trying other places too. One of those being Medewi, a small surf village op on the North-West side of Bali. It is surrounded by stunning rice fields, Tarzan-like jungle forests, uncrowded waterfalls, and really good surf.

We stayed at Medewi Secret Surf Camp, a place we’d been recommended by some of Robin’s friends. The camp is like a homestay where we, and a few other groups, stayed in Muklis’ house. There’s no wifi, but a whole lot of friendly faces and good conversation. I can’t recommend the place enough, Muklis and his family are the friendliest and most helpful bunch! Muklis is also an amazing surfer and teacher, having surfed pro for Volcom.

Muklis Warung

Juwuk Manis Waterfall

While we were there the swell was pretty big so the waves were a little (a lot) too big for me, but the others had a go and caught some pretty epic waves. There isn’t a whole lot to do in Medewi apart from surfing, but you’ve got the sacred tree with a hole in it, beautiful waterfalls and in general stunning nature, so it’s definitely worth a visit!

Speak soon!

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