Danish Veggie Boost

I’ve just returned home from a weekend in Aarhus, Denmark visiting my oldest sister and her two adorable little girls and whilst I was there I had to make a quick visit to Cafe Ganefryd  (not really translatable but if I had to try I’d say it’s something like “mouth rejoice”). It’s a 100% eco/organic cafe serving healthy vegetarian and vegan food, including amazing burgers and incredible sweet treats. I went back purely to get their veggie burger and it did not disappoint. I went once last year when I visited, that’s where the pictures are from – hence why there are fries in the background. Those fries are an entirely different story – definitely not healthy but oh-so-good. Get them from Haute Friture.

Needless to say, if you ever find yourself in Aarhus, you should definitely stop buy and grab a burger (and fries, cus life is all about that balance). As for the city, I actually prefer Aarhus to Copenhagen as it’s a bit less crowded and touristy, and has a bit more charm to it yet has just as good shopping, sightseeing and food 🙂 So now you know where to go for your next Danish visit.

Emilie x

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